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The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) Seed Grants Program provides funding for promising research at the intersection of statistics and the social sciences. The goal is to stimulate scholarly initiative by encouraging faculty to explore new directions in research and scholarship that contributes at the cutting edge to the development of statistical methods for social scientific problems. Although we encourage collaborative research across disciplines--particularly between statisticians and social scientists--such collaboration is not a formal requirement of the program. We are particularly interested in projects that show a high probability of leading to extramural funding. Thus, the funds will typically be used to pursue pilot studies, feasibility studies, or preliminary research that initiates a larger line of research. A subsequent extramural grant that derives from seed grant funding should be administered through CSSS. Questions on the handling of the proposal's administration through CSSS and/or indirect cost sharing should be addressed to the Director of CSSS.

Awards will be made in two parts: The first part (up to $20K) will fund research activities prior to proposal submission; the second (up to $10K) will support post-submission research activities in the interval after submission of a grant via CSSS, but prior to an external grant being awarded. Seed grant budgets typically provide salary for a research assistant together with some summer support for a principal investigator; a majority of the funds are usually allocated to the former.

Faculty holding the following ranks at the time of the award are eligible to apply: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Research Professor, Research Associate Professor, and Research Assistant Professor.

Faculty with acting appointments at the time of the award may be eligible and should contact the Associate Director in advance of submitting a proposal. Faculty who have received a CSSS award as PIs are ineligible to receive another until three years following the termination of the first.

A PI may submit only one proposal per round. Co-PIs may submit more than one proposal, but no more than one of the proposals will be funded. A proposal that is not funded may be resubmitted in a later round only if it is substantially revised or if the review committee recommends resubmission.

Research Project Requirements
Research projects must use statistical methods to address a social scientific problem. Strong proposals will use innovative statistical methods to address cutting-edge social scientific research questions.

Collaborative interdisciplinary research, such as between a social scientist and a statistician, is encouraged but not required. Proposals should seek to initiate new research ideas, rather than extend or supplement existing projects.

All personnel funded by the grant are expected to participate regularly in the CSSS Seminar Series, both by attending and by giving at least one seminar on the project topic. (The proposal should indicate which member(s) of the research team will be the primary seminar participants.)

The budget and proposal timeline should include separate budgets for the pre- and post- submission phases (respecting the $20K and $10K limits). Details on the funding agency to which it is intended to submit an external proposal (through CSSS) should also be included.

Application Form
Detailed Instructions

The deadline for CSSS Seed Grant proposals is November 15, 2013. Awards will be announced around January 2013. Submit proposals to CSSS, Box 354320, Attn: Fatema Mookhtiar.

Questions on preparing a proposal should be addressed to: Darryl Holman, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Director of CSSS, Department of Anthropology, Box 353100, 206-543-3285,