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Student Seminar Series

Spring 2013 Seminars

Date/Time: May 28, 2012, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Location: CSSS Conference Room in Padelford


  • Katie Banks (POL S): Channeling Health Aid: Exploring Multilateral Allocation
  • Wen Wei Loh (STAT): Testing the Sharp Null Hypothesis for Compliers in the Potential Outcomes Framework

Date/Time: May 21, 2012, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Location: CSSS Conference Room in Padelford


  • Adam Lind (SOC): Trends in Self-Assessed Perceptions of Job Quality: 1970-2006

Archive of seminars for past quarters.

About CSSS Student Seminars:

The CSSS student seminar is an informal meeting open to all UW graduate students with interests in interdisciplinary quantitative social science research. The seminar aims to create a friendly supportive environment for students of all disciplines and all levels of technical sophistication to learn from each other. It serves this function in two ways:

(1) By providing a venue for students to practice giving a 'conference style' presentation, present their research at any stage, and receive feedback from fellow graduate students.

(2) By fostering a cross-disciplinary community of graduate students with interests in quantitative research. Fellow graduate students are a great resource for learning about new methods and statistical techniques, and for discussing the 'every day' problems one confronts in research. C6S is a forum for dialogue with and feedback from students in other disciplines. It can be very useful to talk with researchers studying similar questions through other disciplinary lenses, or to see familiar methods used in different disciplinary contexts.

The student presenter is encouraged to talk about their research for ~20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for questions, feedback, and discussion.

To get a wide range of speakers and participants from different departments, students of different departments act as coordinators. Currently the coordinators are

Anthropology Jun Hong Kim zuma@u.washington.edu
Epidemiology Kristin Miller kamiller@u.washington.edu
Geography Andre Ortega aaortega@u.washington.edu
Political Science Betsy L Cooper cooperel@u.washington.edu
Psychology Mara Sedlins sedlins@u.washington.edu
School of Social Work Mark Williams revmark@u.washington.edu
Sociology Patrick Denice pdenice@uw.edu
Statistics Gail Potter gail@stat.washington.edu

We encourage involvement of all departments with interests in research that deals with statistical issues in the social sciences. If you are interested in being a coordinator for your department, send an email to cooperel@u.washington.edu .

If you are interested in presenting at the seminar, read the guidelines and send an email with a short abstract of your talk to the coordinator of your department or to cooperel@u.washington.edu.