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Student Seminar Guidelines

Guidelines for Presentations

Who can present?
Any graduate student at the University of Washington, working on interdisciplinary research in the social sciences with a strong quantitative component is welcome to present.

Who attends?
The seminar is open to all graduate students of the University of Washington.

What can you present?
The goal of the seminar is to discuss issues that are raised in a relatively brief presentation of a statistical issue or a research project. A talk is at most 45 minutes. The audience is encouraged to ask questions during presentations.

Presentations of research in different stages of development are encouraged:
  • Early stage projects (e.g., on the road to a dissertation prospectus or thoughts for MA theses) in which the presenter is searching for suggestions on how to proceed, especially empirically.
  • Ongoing research, in which a talk provides valuable discussion for research design issues.
  • Research near completion

The Presentation Process
If you'd like to present, send an email to us with a short abstract of your talk, and the dates on which you would not be able to present.