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Conference Room / Equipment Reservation

To view the CSSS conference room schedule, select the following link: CSSS Conference Room Calendar

Please let us know If you would also like to reserve one of our CSSS laptops (PC or Mac version) or one of our projectors.

To make a reservation, please email us.

Additional information:

CSSS reserves the right to cancel Conference Room reservations in the event that the room is needed for administrative meetings relating to the Center. Every endeavor will be made to provide a week's notice if such a cancellation is required.

Priority is given to CSSS faculty & instructors for use of the Conference Room for the coming quarter. The deadline for priority reservations is 10 working days before the quarter start date. General reservations begin 9 working days before the quarter start date.

For recurring reservations, please indicate the first and last dates that you need the room or equipment.

Primary Equipment/Conference Room contact: Maria Tebb, 685-0110

Backup contact: Lisa Wormke, 616-6235